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Looking to relocate or invest in real estate somewhere with an active tourism industry, an extensive range of things to do and see after-hours, and a sunny climate that draws people in from all over the continent? Well pack up your strapping system and head to Anaheim, California. It's the place to go for people looking for suburban environments in which to raise their children. Anaheim, CA is also where you want to be if you're a young up-and-comer in the hospitality industry, a real estate magnate looking for a prime place to invest, or simply someone looking for a more exciting life.

Anaheim, California: The Disney City

Disneyland, Anhaneim, California If Orlando, Florida is the Disney City of the East, Anaheim, California is its counterpart in the West. Located near Los Angeles in southern California, Anaheim is sandwiched in between other Los Angeles outlier cities like Placentia, Orange, and Garden Grove in the famous Orange County. The Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center swell Anaheim's modest population of 346,000 by thousands of tourists and convention attendees at any given time.

The Disneyland Resort plays a large part in community life in Anaheim, California from being the city's largest employer to playing a part in determining the city's zoning laws. Disneyland has a deal with the city of Anaheim that the land around its resort will not be used for anything other than the creation of more resort. The resort also sponsors GOALS, a free bussing system that assists underprivileged children in getting to sporting events and activities. GOALS augments the not for profit shuttle network linking the resorts and hotels and the city-run public transit system.

Industry in Anaheim, CA is largely supported by tourism and entertainment. Disneyland resort and amusement park complex which opened in 1955 is constantly growing both in size, and employment capacity. Anaheim residents also find jobs in hotels, banks, fruit canning operations, aircraft production factories and through commuting to the many business, financial, legal and entertainment firms in Los Angeles proper. Anaheim also has two professional sports teams, the Anaheim Ducks NHL franchise and the Anaheim Angels Major League Baseball franchise.

Anaheim, CA also has several colleges and educational institutions that provide not only employment for instructors but also career training for those looking to enter such industries as health and beauty or hospitality. Bethesda Christian University is the biggest of these establishments with an enrollment of over 2,000. It also offers undergraduate and masters degree programs. Larger campuses such as the University of Phoenix-Southern California, which has more than 18,000 students are easily accessible from Anaheim at less than 10 miles away. Residents of Anaheim also have the option of commuting to Los Angeles for post-secondary education as there are many well known schools in the city.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Anaheim, CA

South Anaheim, CA Anaheim, California is a prime location in every sense of the word. It is convenient to Los Angeles, has major attractions of its own, is relatively safe, and has a fabulous, balmy climate. Property prices tend to be high here and will only get higher. Average home prices for 2007 were in the vicinity of half a million dollars, even going as high as $665,000 for the average detached single family home. Renters were slightly better off, as average rents were in the range of $1,100 per month. A third option of course would be to seek employment at a resort or hotel that offers lodging space to its employees.

Condos are the big ticket right now since more of them can be built on a parcel of land for less money than if a suburban-style detached housing project were built instead. New developments are constantly appearing and they are snapped up quickly by prospective homebuyers and real estate investors. Many of these new condo developments are going up in what is known as the Platinum Triangle, which is near the Anaheim Ducks Stadium. Anaheim also offers sprawling luxury mansions for the extremely famous and well-to-do in the Anaheim Hills area.

Contact an Anaheim, CA Real Estate Agent

Properties in Anaheim, California are selling fast, so don't wait to long too get in on the action. Real estate prices here are high, but are always appreciating so the sooner you buy the better off you will be. Contact an Anaheim, CA real estate agent today. He or she will help you get started looking for the right property in Anaheim's exciting market and will handle all the paperwork and negotiations for the sale so you don't have to. robseopark jenannlam

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